Sunday, May 4, 2008

Drowning in Diapers


I am drowning in diapers.

I don't know if it would be better to be asking the boys "Do you feel the pee-pee coming?" every 30 seconds or just let them continue on in diapers.

I did the math.

Approximately 12 diapers per day (some more, some less but averaged)

2 boys

3 years =

13,140 DIAPERS

Does that shock you? I am so over the little tapes and the diaper cream stuck on my hands and the accidentally getting poo on my finger when I go to check the back of their pants.

Tired of chasing Jamie because he likes to hide when he poops. In a corner. Like we can't see him or something. But I HEAR him. Grunting.

Nathan is in training pants this weekend. Why not both you ask? Have you ever tried to eat an elephant? So, I am taking one bite at a time.

Me: Nathan, do you feel the pee pee coming?

Nathan: No Mom. Look at Lightening McQueen.

Me: Nathan, do you already have pee pee in your underwear.

Nathan: No POOP!

Me: Are you serious?

Nathan: No Mommmmmm. Where is Doc Hudson?

And on and on and on and on.

Tomorrow, I will hand Nathan and 30 pairs of training pants over to preschool. They have him 3 days this week and Mike the other 2. I am praying, PRAYING that this thing is over by next weekend.

And I will be heard in the grocery store saying, every 30 seconds, "Nathan, do you feel the pee pee coming?"

Then, round 2 begins and Jamie is up to bat. But since he LIKES to sit in poop, I have to devise another plan.

If anything has eaten braincells, it would be stressing over getting pee and poo to a location that is manageable.

Heaven help Mothers everywhere.

~ Diaper Queen

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