Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolution

So maybe if I write it down, I will actually do it...

Number One
Stop reading gossip mags. Bad habit, like reading a trashy novel. I know more about Brittney Spears than the candidates for election. I will read more about world news.

Number Two
Be a little more patient with my three guys. When I am tired or stressed, I expect immediate and exact following of my instructions. Pretty unrealistic for my free-spirited men. It's me, believe me.

Number Three
Be open to constructive feedback. This happens mostly with my Miguel and business partners at work. Although I can be self deprecating at times, I almost expect that everything I do is perfect or that no one should notice errors. I need to get over myself.

Okay that's it for me...so far my health is good and I am pretty organized, so those aren't on my list...or should they be?