Sunday, May 4, 2008

Like we need another blog about Pee

Look, I get it.

There are at least 12, 432 blogs with Mom's talking about their babies. They think they are really funny telling you all their kid stories. Let's face it. You are either over the kid-thing or have no interest.

Today, is not about you. It's about me.

Guess how many times I said Pee Pee? I'm thinking 120. No wait, 531.

Do you know how many times I rationalize why pee or poop should go into a potty? At least a million.

I even go through a laundry list of credible people that pee or poop in the potty. Don't laugh. You're name is probably in there. Yep, I use EVERYONE I know. I want it to sound like a lot of people use the potty.

I use bribes. So what they have sugar. Skittles and Gummi Bears. Sometimes I remember, sometimes they don't. I usually let it slide until Nathan informs me that I own him 4 skittles and 3 Gummi bears and he has 5 fingers flashing in my face. Nice math, kid.

But, toward the end of the day, he was telling me that he could feel the pee pee coming. We ran excitedly to the potty. We talked about how AWESOME it was. He told me he was proud of me. My words, coming back to me, he just parrots them back, but I needed it.

The reality is that I was more afraid of this than he was. I am still selfish and do not wish to spend every 30 seconds asking my kid if he needs to pee pee. I dreaded this moment because it would consume my day and I wouldn't be able to get out of the house. I am sure I rolled my eyes hundreds of times at the mommy in her velour sweat suit bribing her kid to go potty. Ugh. That would never be me. No way.

Gulp. It's me. Granted, I wouldn't wear a velour sweat suit...but still. I see them in a whole different light. These women are not wimps. They are trying to get there kid (and themselves) through one of the major passages in childhood. One that is not easy and is frequently stressful as pre-schools require the kids to be potty trained. They put it off, like I am sure I did. They read several books. I didn't do that. But I did think about it. How do I get them both through this? How many potties? What technique? How can I get it done in 2 days? I can't handle them both. And then it dawned on Nathan first. Jamie will come along later.

So far so good but I basically pass the torch tomorrow morning.

I will think about him all day hoping he feels good about himself that he can do this on his own. Hopefully he remembers to tell his teachers. He really is a sweet kid and gets this goofy expression on his face when he amazes himself. It's sweet and I know he is growing up and these years will fly by. Before I know, they will be leaving for college and this memory will be all but gone.

These good thoughts will be fleeting...Jamie's next and well, he's a whole different ball game my friend. Until then...

~ Exhausted Mama

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