Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dream Diary - 3

I guess I should be careful what I watch before I go to sleep. These days, I am so tired, I am falling asleep fast. I always need a little tv to wind down. Last night, I was watching Top Chef.

So, it was a pretty good dream. I was on Top Chef and it was down to the final 3. I ended up losing but I still felt really good about making it to the top 3. We (all of us "Top Chefs") were cleaning up our work space in the kitchens and Andrew or Spike (current contenders this season) brought special t-shirts out to the top 3, except that mine wasn't a was a slip.

A black one. Like the kind that Blanche would have worn in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".

I put it on immediately because I couldn't believe he bought me a slip/dress. It fit perfectly, except in the bra area. I could have put some toilet paper in there to fill it out but I didn't. I just kept thinking..."it fits everywhere else...".

And then Tom Colicchio, dressed in a tailored black suit with a crisp white shirt and lavender silk tie came to talk to me about my dishes. Did I mention that he looked handsome? He did.

The thing about me is that movie stars don't make me nervous. However, if you are an amazing chef or a sommelier, oh my! My knees get weak and my stomach is filled with butterflies.

Last year, Mike took me to the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. Their Dining Room is famous - and well it should be. (My rule of thumb is that if I can't figure how to make it or it's beyond my skills AND it is delicious...that's when I am truly impressed. I like to be blown away...but I digress)

On this occasion with Mike, they had a young woman who was their sommelier. Her name was Chantal. I think she was 26 or 27 - a phenom in the wine world. I just wanted to meet her. I got nervous when she was at the table next to ours pouring wine and talking to the couple about the vintage...

I'm weird. I accept that. Just wait till I tell you about my run in with Alton Brown...accidentally spent $150 on meat. Yup.

Till then...

~ Latest cast-off of Top Chef

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