Friday, May 9, 2008

A little good, a little gag...

I really enjoy watching Top Chef. I covet the dishes, both to make them and to eat them. I long for the days when my spices were fresh and I could spend time in the kitchen making something fabulous. These days, I have until the final Thomas the Train song to get my dinner on the table, so I was excited to see an episode of Top Chef with family friendly recipes.

While I am pretty much rooting for Richard Blaise (extraordinary!) I have a soft spot for Antonia and she came up with this recipe - Stir Fry Whole Wheat Noodles.

They showed clips of all the chefs working with the kids and even a sweet conversation where Antonia and her daughter were on the phone.

When she got to the judges table, she explained that she and her daughter would make this meal together and she even won for it! I was SOLD! It had noodles and chicken and edamame and new items for the boys to try. Mike went to the grocery store and purchased the ingredients and I made it last night. Chicken was wonderful, I grilled it instead of stir fry.

We all sat down.

The dinner was beautiful.

I took a bite.

I think I gagged a little!

I think I am rejecting that awful back taste from a whole wheat noodle! WHAT! My whole system was rebelling against the nutritious replacement for the wonderful noodles that I have grown to love! Oh NO! I couldn't even eat the dinner, neither did the boys, but Mike cleaned his plate (Thank you, my Love)

I recalled a recipe from Bon Appetit that also used Fettuccine (the good kind), red pepper, snow peas and red onion and a wonderful sauce made from Balsamic, Soy, Honey, Cayenne (some other ingredient I can't remember) and crushed peanuts. WHY DIDN'T I MAKE THAT?

So the story is, the recipe, although it won...totally made me gag. I will find the Bon Appetit one and post.

Now the good part was the conversation that Antonia had with her daughter and the knock knock joke. So, I will leave you with that...


Daughter: Who's There?

Antonio: Smell Mop

Daughter: Smell Mop Who?

Antonio: Smell Mop Who? Get it????

And do you get it?

~ Hold the Whole Wheat Mama

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