Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dream Diary - 2

This is actually, somewhat of a recurring dream in principle. So here is the latest version.

I dreamt that it was night time and everyone was sleep.

I realized that our bed was moving up and down as if by a ghost or something. Mike agreed that we should immediately fly out and get with someone who works to rid your house of ghosts.

We hop on a plane but realize the boys are still in the house alone. Mike tells me to call 911 so that they (police) can go see what is happening to our bed and to protect the boys from the ghosts. I tell him we need someone there to watch the boys and we realize we will not be able to get back before they wake up. We start calling his parents, our neighbors, our nanny and his sister, but no one will answer their phone in the middle of the night and the police and fire trucks are on their way to our house and they will see that no one is there with the boys.

I tell Mike that we will be arrested for child endangerment. It makes me sick to think I would leave my boys alone in the house. Why did we do this?

~ Dream Over

I don't know why I keep dreaming this - leaving the boys alone in the house while they sleep. I just keep dreaming a different version of the same thing. I would never do this but somehow, it keeps showing up. I remember reading once that dreams are manifestations of what you fear or want. This may be the general fear that I will do something stupid or make a bad decision where my boys are concerned and leaving them alone in the house is one of the more obvious bad decisions one could make because you just wouldn't do it.

You have probably read newspaper stories where people leave their kids alone in the house (toddler/baby age) for several days and the horrible condition they are found in. In a general sense, I have a similar reaction to other parents making bad decisions for their kids. It makes me ill.

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