Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Mother Nature, I'm Sorry.

Dear Mother Nature,
I'm sorry about the Dragon Fly. It was such a windy day, he probably got worn out in the 15 - 20 mph gusts or maybe he broke a wing. He looked so peaceful as he sat on our porch. I really wanted the boys to see him because they had not seen a Dragon Fly up close. There weren't very gentle when they were petting him or her...I don't know. I haven't learned the identifying characteristics of the anatomy of the Dragon Fly.

It seemed like maybe he would live because he was just tired. The boys wanted to count his legs. There were six so that was good. They wanted to count his wings. There were four, so that was good too. We couldn't see that anything was broken and the boys just wanted to touch the delicate wings.

I decided to take him to the flowering Phlox - hoping that if he was dying, that it was the best place for him to do so. Again, not sure about what Dragonflies think are important.

The boys followed me over. After I sat him down, we talked about how he might be sick or hurt and the boys were worried, except that didn't really care and wanted to carry the Dragonfly all over the back yard. He was like a pet to them. I figured if I walked away, they would too. They didn't. They kept picking him up and walking around.

After awhile, I noticed they stopped and started fanning the flowers as if they had lost him. Hopefully, he was able to find every ounce of strength and cunning to hide from them. I heard them yell, "Where'd he go?" and I knew, he was safe...or dead.

As much as I want my boys to be interested in all things you offer, I am afraid that they will think you and all of your gifts are invincible. As they grow, I hope they become your protector and guard and find ways to help you and yours flourish and see that the delicate ones are taken care of.

We begin planting our garden in the coming weeks...an homage to Spring.

We'll watch for butterflies and dragonflies and worms.


~ Mama to Bug Lovers

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