Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cars and Trucks and Airplanes

Well, I have my Gant chart set up and I am project managing the boys room!

It took me 7 months but I finally decided on a quilt for the boys. I just hate to make a snap decision. :) We have one wall that is a deep red and the other three walls are a light blue. They love all kinds of cars and trucks so I bought this from Land of Nod:

They have different motor vehicles and under them, the color is spelled out!!! Too cute - bought the shams too AND the sheets to match.

This little display is so cute! I will place them in the same arrangement on their blue wall. Jamie thought they would look good on the ceiling.

This little rug is an actual map! The sham looks almost exactly the same way and the boys are already driving their little Sheriff, Lightening McQueen and Hudson Hornet the famous race car with red wheels around the roads.

These are actually 2 beds they butt together to form a carpenters square. We can use the drawers in the bottom for storage and they both will fit in the boys room. The beds are from Pottery Barn Kids and are the last big purchase after the mattresses and before the rest of the decorations and possible dresser and/or side table. Depends on the leftover space.

We thought about bunk beds but my boys already jump off of furniture and yell "Skydivin'!!!". The bunk beds just screamed broken arm to me. So we'll stick with these for now.

I am so slow on making decisions. I am glad I started on this last August. I am hoping to have everything in place by the time the boys are 3. Whew! This has been fun. Will post pictures when I am done.

~ Decorator Mama

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