Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm back!

Quick apologies for the hiatus - some things just got in the way of posting but I am back...

What's happened in the last two months?

The boys turned 3! They are deliciously sweet and funny... My favorites from the last few months are:

"No! I not!" (Jamie when you ask him to do something and they don't want to)

"Please Jamie, Please switch. Don't say no." (Nathan pleading with Jamie to switch cars with him)

"Happy BIIIIRRRRRD Day to YOU, Happy BIIIIIIRRRRD Day to YOU!" (Jamie singing this song)

"The poop is coming! The POOP is COMING!!!" as my son Nathan races by

"Jamie - X Pee, X Pee Jamie" This is when they stand at either side of the toilet and pee across from each other forming an "X".

Other funny stuff:
Nathan's unusual attachment to a floral dress and his "Doc Hudson Hornet with the Red Wheels underwear". After wearing it for a day he'll say, "No Dad, this is not dirty, this is clean. Need to wear it".

Jamie using his new clubhouse outside (oddly resembles a Starbuck's) and asks you if you want "Coffee Coo - Latta and a coppee cake" as he hangs out the window.

Oh yes - and we are almost done with Potty training...a few remnants and we are DONE DONE DONE!

I love age 3! So independent and so so funny. Another post will quickly follow, it's been sitting for reasons that will be more clear when you read it...

Until next time...

~ Mama to three-year olds!

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Isabel said...

So happy you are back!!