Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Twin-ner Sanctum

I entered the twinner sanctum tonite. You know, the place where you witness the unique connection between twins or brothers or sisters, when you suddenly feel like odd man out. You don’t get their jokes but they are laughing at what they are doing.

But I guess I need to back up a bit.

About two weeks ago, I noticed something strange in the morning. I shook it off as a bad memory. Mike or I go into the boys’ room each morning to get them out of their cribs. Lately, I have noticed that Jamie’s blanket is in Nathan’s bed or the train I gave Nathan is in Jamie’s bed. I wasn’t sure about it, but well, we are always just putting things in their bed so it’s easy to but each other’s stuff into the other’s crib.

Tonite, I was putting the boys to bed. I was reading the last book, when the negotiations began. They each had four of the Pixar Cars Die Cast models.

JAMIE: Doc! Nate Doc! Doc Nate!

(I think he is saying good nite so I reach up to take Doc and say good nite)

JAMIE: Nate Doc! Nate Doc!

(Nathan stands up and gets on his toes and leans way over and grabs Doc)

NATHAN: Tow Mater! Tow Mater!

Jamie reaches down and grabs the sacred Tow Mater (more on that later) and stands on his toes and leans way over and hands Tow Mater to Nathan.

The giggling begins.

NATHAN: Leak Less Jamie, Jamie Leak Less!

Jamie stands on his toes and reaches out to take Leak Less from Nathan.

At this point, I do not exist. At all.

I am watching and realizing this explains how all of the toys, clothes, blankets and pillows are landing in different cribs. They are laughing and don’t even notice me. I smile and laugh and then I try to join in on the negotiations but they ignore me. They want to do it their way. The way they have been the last two weeks.

They don't even notice me standing there. Still. Smiling.

I wish the best for my boys, their health, happiness and I hope for great passion in their life. But through all that, through the good and the bad, I wish that they will lean on each other. I want them to realize there is one person in their life that has gone through the same things with the same parents at the same time. Nothing in life is guaranteed or lasts forever but at least they should know that they always have each other. Through thick and thin.

Crazy love.

~ Proud Mama

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