Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Groceries and pee

After picking up the boys from school, I ran to the grocery store.

Because I am in fear of the boys peeing in their pants, I keep a spare potty in my car so that they can pee if they can't hold it before we get home.

We got through the shopping trip with minor scratches and only a few angry faces from fellow shoppers - I let the boys push the cart...at high speeds...through the store. They are short. They cannot see over the top of the cart. Scary and Funny at the same time.

We were almost home.

Nathan: "I gotta pee!"

Jamie: "Me too! I gotta pee!"

I ask them if they can hold it.

Nathan whimpers: Nooo.

I pull over to a shopping center and let each one out to pee. and pee. and pee. and pee.

Finally we are back in our seats and headed home.

As I make a sharp turn, I actually think - Oh no! The groceries and THE PEE! I can actually hear it sloshing around!

I realize I must drive carefully to avoid pee. on. my. groceries. Nice.

Minivans. Potties in the backs of cars. Mom.

I made it home, only to get pee all over my hand and shoes as I am taking it through the garage.

Just another day in paradise.

~ Just this mom.